Candidate.Guru named top HR Technology to watch!

Recruiting daily presents its 100 HR technologies to watch in 2017 ....Read More
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Candidate.Guru filed first patent!

Candidate.Guru has filed its first patent for its award winning culture match technology!

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Candidate.Guru and Lou Adler host free webinar!

Best Selling Author Lou Adler delivers a joint presentation entitled "How to Assess Performance and Fit", click here to watch!
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Candidate.Guru back in the news and continuing to attract investors

Industry leading media platform profiles Candidate.Guru! Read the full article here 
Candidate.Guru closes additional funding with Florida Funders and Miami Innovation Fund

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“I Quit.” “You can’t quit, you’re fired.”

When candidates are sending out resumes, writing cover letters and meeting for interviews they are often lying from the get-go, but not for the reasons you might think.

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Don’t let rapid growth overload HR and sink your business

One of the biggest conundrums in business, and especially for SMBs, is the need to prosper. But be warned, too much growth too fast can sink a company. So how do you manage rapid ­growth? Easy, you only worry about what you can control.

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Election lies or election facts? Seeking the truth with AI

With the biggest and most watched reality show on earth (the presidential election) less than two months away, we need to prepare ourselves for an increase in hearsay taken as truth, but more importantly, we need to be able to not only discern fact from fiction, but to identify blatant lies.

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4 Ways AI is already changing your life, for the better.

You already know that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It has been argued that the topic of AI is not just important but THE most important topic for our future. Perhaps AI may feel a bit like a brave new world but I want to assure you it’s far from a dystopian future. Quite the contrary. 

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Candidate.Guru presents at Angel Forum of Florida

Candidate.Guru selected to present at prestigious investor conference out of dozens of applicants.
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Resume fraud? No problem!

News flash: People tell lies.

As an HR professional, of course you know that. What you may not know is how widespread lying is in areas you’d think it wouldn’t be, and the massive impact it has on business.

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