Seacoast Bank - Case Study

Traditional banking and wealth management, to trust and estate planning, Seacoast Bank brings 90 years of proven expertise to communities across the United States.

Finances affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives and Seacoast Bank is committed to simplifying this aspect through expertise and experience. A local focus is central as Seacoast Bank works with clients to ensure financial stability by providing targeted services based on strong customer relationships.

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SmartProcure - Case Study

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Jeff Rubenstein, SmartProcure is on a mission to make government procurement more efficient and less wasteful.

Municipalities and other government agencies are renowned for overpaying which wastes a lot of taxpayers’ money. SmartProcure allows government buyers access to pricing data from thousands of local, state and federal agencies and provides analytics and reporting tools so agencies can see what vendors have the best price.

With information on over 300 million purchase orders from 12,000 agencies across the country, SmartProcure also functions as a powerful lead tool for vendors. The startup recently won the $25,000 SXSW pitch contest for civic tech groups.

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