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When the time comes to connect with your potential hires, the Candidate.Guru culture matching engine makes it easy. 

Ever try to hire someone and spend more time on filtering through thousands of good (and not-so-good) applications than speaking with high quality job prospects? Say goodbye to wasting your time forever with the most powerful employee matching algorithm ever created. Just enter an applicant's and a hiring manager's LinkedIn profiles, and let Candidate.Guru culture matching engine take over, powering up your hiring process in the background while you keep moving. New job prospects can even be added directly from your ATS with one click.

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How to Assess Performance and Fit

According to recruiting guru Lou Adler, successful on-the-job performance is driven by three factors: 1) ability to do the work, 2) fit with the company culture and the hiring manager’s leadership style and 3) motivation to do the work. A problem with any of these factors will result in disappointment, dissatisfaction and underperformance. In this behind-the-scenes webcast Adler will describe what it takes to ensure every single person you hire meets these essential requirements. Too often, in the rush to hire, critical clues are overlooked or ignored.

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Seacoast Bank - Case Study

Traditional banking and wealth management, to trust and estate planning, Seacoast Bank brings 90 years of proven expertise to communities across the United States.

Finances affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives and Seacoast Bank is committed to simplifying this aspect through expertise and experience. A local focus is central as Seacoast Bank works with clients to ensure financial stability by providing targeted services based on strong customer relationships.

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The brave new world of HR

The workplace has undergone massive changes as technology has evolved and every department is now being impacted by new processes, solutions and tools.

For HR, this shift is happening in conjunction with changing employee expectations and a new generation entering the workforce. The result is an industry in transition, but this is also bringing forward innovative methods for HR to recruit and engage workers.

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SmartProcure - Case Study

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Jeff Rubenstein, SmartProcure is on a mission to make government procurement more efficient and less wasteful.

Municipalities and other government agencies are renowned for overpaying which wastes a lot of taxpayers’ money. SmartProcure allows government buyers access to pricing data from thousands of local, state and federal agencies and provides analytics and reporting tools so agencies can see what vendors have the best price.

With information on over 300 million purchase orders from 12,000 agencies across the country, SmartProcure also functions as a powerful lead tool for vendors. The startup recently won the $25,000 SXSW pitch contest for civic tech groups.

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How AI is putting the power in HR’s hands

Forget computers looking to take over the world. The reality of artificial intelligence isn’t nearly as alarming but it is exciting.

AI is steadily being adopted as a valuable tool to help make data-backed decisions in HR – from determining if a candidate is a good fit to recognizing that employee engagement is about to decline and lead to turnover.

This opens up a whole host of opportunities for HR to achieve a greater impact on business performance.

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Top 10 Recruiting Metrics to Improve Talent Acquisition - eBook

 Successful hiring managers don’t make decisions based on feelings. Their decisions are based on data. Where does that data come from? Why, their recruiting analytics, of course!

Our guide, Top 10 Recruiting Metrics to Improve Talent Acquisition, will investigate how to use recruiting analytics to hire top talent:

  • Learn how to leverage the most profitable sources to attract high-quality candidates
  • Get tips and tricks on how to create powerful communications that yield high response rates
  • Understand your retention metrics to get the candidates who are most likely to stick around
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