Hire the Right Fit

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Manager Fit

60% of hires fail because of a bad match with their managers. In the past, being able to determine whether a candidate is compatible with their manager often came down to a gut feeling, but Manager Fit replaces instinct with concrete data. Use it to effectively predict the successfulness of a working relationship between a manager and a candidate.

Test your fit against your manager with the "lite" version of our algorithim below!

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Team Fit

Building a winning team means bringing together individuals with diverse traits and perspectives to foster a culture of innovation and belonging. Many organizations might believe they are doing this already, but 72% of team projects fail due to a breakdown in communication. Team Fit empowers you to confidently predict the likelihood of a successful working relationship between an individual and their team. 

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Organization Fit

Keeping your best performing teams together is essential to constantly achieve your objectives. But how can you know for sure that your employees won’t just work well together but also work for a significant amount of time together? After all, the perfect candidate is no good if they leave after two months. With Organization Fit, you can predict how long employees are likely to stay so you know who’s at risk and can take appropriate action to keep your best performers.

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Custom Models and Pipeline Recruiting Service

Use Candidate.Guru's in-house experts to build custom models that forecast what’s important to you. Predict the likelihood of safety infractions at a construction site, predict sales perfomance in a call center, predict what matters to you!

Need more quailty candidates? Have us create a sourcing strategy that's constantly canvassing the market for both active and passive candidates.

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API Integration and Partnerships

Easy integration to almost any ATS or HRIS system means you can simply connect your current system. We will deliver your predictions and rank the candidates, allowing you the easy task of calling a short list of culturally fit candidates right from within your existing tools.

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